The Port

The Port is een Personal trainer gelegen aan Hanzeweg 31 in Deventer.

Meer informatie over The Port in Deventer

The text is about The Port, a luxury, small-scale studio that offers personal training and coaching. They provide physical and mental workouts, both individually and in small groups, with intensive guidance. The location is described as a beautiful and discreet place where everyone can feel at home. The training routines are described as powerful and profound, with a success formula that is not specified. The trainers have different styles and the members are diverse. The options for training frequency are given as three times per week in group training, two times per week individually, or once per week individually. The studio offers a welcoming atmosphere for beginners and experienced individuals of all ages. The location is described as a luxurious place with amenities such as parking, a lounge area, and private showers. The text encourages readers to take the first step and get in touch with The Port.

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